Repairing society

The Social Affairs and Culture budget for the second half of this year will be increased to deal with Typhoon Hato damage

The Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Alexis Tam stated that the departmental budget would be increased for the second half of this year, in order to pay for repairs to damage created by Typho

Typhoon wiped out thousands of parking meters

Macau Forehap Parking Management Ltd., the company that manages the city’s public parking meters, said that the systems of some 113 new parking meters were affected by the flooding during Typhoon Hato

Soaked pages

Typhoon Hato caused losses of around MOP15 million in destroyed books belonging to the Ricci Institute

The floods caused by the passage of Typhoon Hato destroyed the entire book collection of the Ricci Institute, around 25,000 books and magazines that were stored in the new campus of the University of

Bill support

MOP2,000 support for residents’ energy and water bills will start being provided in October

The rebates on energy and water bills announced after the power supply breakdown brought about by the passage of Typhoon Hato will start being provided in October.


After e-commerce and Internet giant Alibaba, Baidu applies for trademark registration in the Macau SAR

One of the biggest Chinese tech and Internet companies, Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., has applied for trademark registrations in the Macau SAR, a dispatch in the Official Gazett

‘Thunderbolt 17’ nets big fish and little fry

Almost 500 people were prosecuted following the second phase of the joint ‘Thunderbolt 17’ police operation in August

The second phase of joint police operation ‘Thunderbolt 17’ - enforced during the whole month of August - led to 497 people being prosecuted in the MSAR for possible involvement in 396 criminal cases

Safer in prison during Typhoon Hato

Repair works are underway, with no staff or prisoners injured during the passage of the storm

The authorities of Coloane Prison and Youth Correctional Institution have announced that ‘no cases of attempted escape during or after the typhoon have been discovered’, in response to Business Daily

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