Zhuhai enforces warning, alert system for typhoons

New regulations on safety management during times of typhoon and heavy rainstorm have been issued in the neighbouring city of Zhuhai, according to official information published yesterday.

Authorities mull tidal gate

A gate for managing tides in the Inner Harbour. With work slated to start as soon as 2019. The low-lying district has long been on the authorities’ radar.

Deputy head of the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) Cheong Ion Man says the construction of a tidal gate construction in the city’s Inner Harbour area could hopefully commence as soon

Stick to the original plan

Electoral Commission head says no significant impact made on polling stations

Despite requests made by candidates and minor impact on some polling stations in the wake of typhoons Hato and Pakhar, Electoral Commission Chairman and judge of the Court of Second Instance Tong Hio

Never again

After the catastrophe the city suffered last week, public bodies have started reacting and aim to adopt the necessary measures to prevent any repeat occurrence.

The MSAR Government announced the establishment of an ‘internal’ committee to review the system for handling serious crises and to follow-up the improvements, a dispatch released yesterday in the Offi

Inner Harbour flooding prevention an overwhelming challenge

Studies to rehabilitate and prevent flooding in the Inner Harbour were made almost 16 years ago

An architect involved in an urban renewal and requalification project for the Inner Harbour and Barra area almost 16 years ago, believes the opposition of certain local interests and a lack of politic

Synergy Macau submits petition to gov’t

The group collected over 10,000 online signatures to urge the gov’t to undertake accountability procedures against the former SMG head

Some 11,593 signatures were collected by local association Synergy Macao, who submitted a petition with the signatures to the government yesterday at the Government Headquarters.

Stable work

The unemployment rate remained stable at 2 per cent between May and July of this year, with the total employed population reaching 384,100 people

Macau’s gaming and junket activities continued to take up the largest chunk of the labour force of the city between May and July.

Dealing with the chaos

The city is trying to overcome the havoc brought about by two typhoons and get back to normal life.

“The condition between the first day and the second day after the typhoon is completely different,” Hong Chi Ieng, deputy director of the international volunteer committee of Macao New Chinese Youth A

Distributing wealth

Gaming operators have announced several repair funds and measures to assist employees and the city’s recovery in the aftermath of Typhoon Hato

Several gaming operators announced a number of donations and initiatives to mitigate the damage caused by Typhoon Hato to residents and employees.

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