Raffle and deal

A new government proposal to revise administrative requirements for activities in public spaces proposes that raffles for profit purposes should be prohibited due to their gambling elements, while luc

A public consultation regarding a proposed change to the demonstrative requirements for commercial and leisure activities started last Saturday, set to run until December 5, with changes looking to up

Unfair Fare Plan?

Migrant associations complain about discriminatory rise in bus fares. Deeply impacting the poorer inhabitants of the city. The gov’t says it is a positive measure to benefit locals.

The three representatives of the three bus operators stressed on TDM radio programme Macao Forum that the differences in bus fares would all have been subject to the MSAR Government’s wishes when bus

Anti-money laundering talks opened with Lebanon

Chu Un I, the new Co-ordinator of the Financial Intelligence Office (GIF) has been granted permission by the Secretary for Economy and Finance, Lionel Leong Vai Tac, to sign a memorandum with authorit

Protecting the village

As local gaming authorities discuss with gaming operators how to further enhance security in hotels and casinos, local gaming analysts believe the likelihood of a Las Vegas-style shooting in the MSA

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting the Gaming Inspection and Co-ordination Bureau (DICJ) told Business Daily it will hold a meeting with local gaming operators to discuss measures on how to st

Golden Week kicks off

More individual tourists for the first few days, followed by an influx of package tours to dominate this year’s Golden Week, says expert.

More package tour visitors will come to Macau in the coming days, while the first few days of the Golden Week holiday will primarily see the arrival of individual travelers, according to the President

Baking quality into the tourism mix

After a two-year period the master plan for the development of MSAR tourism has finally been presented, with the plan’s visitation estimates depicting a scenario in which the city could welcome as man

“We’re not looking for as many tourists as possible but more quality tourists.

Getting expert advice

Chinese authorities have released an evaluation report on the Typhoon Hato incident, providing suggestions for coping with future extreme weather

Seven suggestions have been made by the China National Commission for Disaster Reduction (CNCDR) to improve the abilities of the MSAR to handle calamities, according to an evaluation report composed a

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