Door closing on real estate growth

The ripples are spreading. The slowdown in VIP gaming is now exacting a toll on property prices and investment. Realtors expect 8 to 10pct increase in home prices this year.

A six-figure problem

MOP100,156. A number to remember. Last year, Macau breached a psychological barrier in terms of square metre real estate prices. Property prices went up 21pct, while transactions plunged 36 pct.

Homing in on Hengqin

They’re just waiting for their licence. Following which, JLL will start marketing Hengqin properties in Macau and Hong Kong.

Rental pain to continue

Macau’s residential and office sectors continued to grow in 2014. On the back of limited supply and the increasing number of new corporations registering in the city.

Last year, the rental prices of mass and medium residences in Macau increased 12.3 per cent and according to the prediction of Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) will increase a further 5 to 10 per cent this ye

Special stamp duty dilemma

More harm than good. So say realtors of the special stamp duty implemented by the gov’t in 2011. They are calling for it to be abolished.

Centaline (Macau) Property Agency Ltd.

Park ‘n ride... to the bank

The property bubble knows no boundaries. Residencies, offices and shops have all bowed to skyrocketing price tags.

There is no brake on car park costs.

Under the hammer

It’s auction time. Two plots of land in Hengqin New Area are reserved for Macau bidders only. Starting price for the two lots is 294 million yuan (MOP378 million).

Great opportunity

Hengqin Headquarters Commercial Building is officially inviting business.
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