Finger on the pulse

What we've all been waiting for. Now the new Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture has said it. Alex Tam has publicly pledged to improve the quality of the health system.

Labour complaints

2,000 labour complaints. That’s the number the gov’t handled in the first eleven months of last year. Nearly 40 per cent related to unpaid wages

Of the nearly 2,000 labour dispute cases filed with the city’s Labour Affairs Bureau in the first eleven months of last year, 724 of the cases – or 38 per cent – related to unpaid wages totalling some

Labour law undergoing scrutiny

Many say it’s long overdue. The maximum amount of dismissal compensation may be increased. The gov’t is proposing a new ceiling of MOP20,000 (US$2,500) for dismissal without cause.

Public works proceeding apace

It’s a massive undertaking. The construction of the Barra transport hub is to cost Macau some MOP1.24 billion.

Better safe than sorry

Even the Chief Executive is accountable. Chui Sai On wrapped up his four-day duty visit to Beijing on Saturday.
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