Moved by discontent

More awareness of social issues by young residents and discontent created by the government’s response to Typhoon Hato, could have led to a higher turnout in voters at this year’s Legislative Assembly

Societal discontent over the government’s lack of preparation for and handling of Typhoon Hato likely led to a higher turnout at this year’s Legislative Assembly elections, providing a backlash agains

Not written law

Legislator and lawyer Leonel Alves stated there is no written law establishing specifically that those holding high-level public positions that are judged by the Court of Final Appeal can’t appeal the

Legislator Leonel Alves stated that he was worried about the insistence by the Court of Final Appeal to deny an appeal to defendants holding high-level political offices, stating that this rule is “no

Legislative Assembly revamp

Once every four years. The population votes on the city’s legislative assembly. More changes than expected.

Mak Soi Kun topped the list in the sixth Legislative Assembly (AL) election, winning 17,207 votes, followed by unionist Ella Lei Cheng I, bringing in 16,694 votes.

Livelihoods continue to prevail in voters' choices

Voters at the ballot box, however, also perceived that casting votes would perhaps make a reform for the AL

Voters of this year’s Legislative Election have their minds on candidates that could likely resolve issues relating to transportation and housing.

Harassment accusations cloud campaign

Group 12 candidate revealed yesterday she had received anonymous threatening calls requiring her to abandon her candidacy. The harassment has spread to the surrounding environment of the group.

The second candidate of the electoral candidate Group 12 - Power of the Citizens - Joana Chong said she had received anonymous phone calls from different people asking her to quit the election otherwi

Getting some expert advice

The city’s Chief Executive (CE) Fernando Chui San On met a team of 22 experts on Wednesday to discuss the optimisation of Macau’s response measures for any public emergencies.

CCAC: No violation found

Deputy Commissioner, Lam Chi Long, told the press that basically no violation of offering benefits was discovered over the course from March up until now.

Online campaign

Facebook pages set up by pan-democratic legislator Au Kam San and first candidate, Sulu Sou Ka Hou of the seventh group - New Progress for Macau Association got the most fans as of September 13, accor

Ready, set, vote

The Electoral Affairs Commission held its last meeting yesterday before election on Sunday.

Staging rallies that aim for campaigning should follow the Electoral Law over other laws, said the head of the Electoral Affairs Commission (CAEL), Tong Hio Fong yesterday after the last meeting befor

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