Long haul

The Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip is now in “soft opening” mode, prior to its grand opening on 3 December 2016.

The news is no news

Some of you may recall that last year, when writing about the Policy Address of the Chief Executive, there was an almost empty space in this column.

Thanksgiving revenue

The United States celebrates Thanksgiving today and some casinos here in Macau are joining in the festivities by offering American Thanksgiving fare at their restaurants.

Policy Address

Every year, as the period for the presentation and discussion of the Policy Address and the approval of the Budget approaches, the same questions pop up in the media.

The ‘LAGs’

The Governance Action Lines (LAG) are under discussion.
The Five-Year Plan, again, did not appear to be quantified.

Magic touch

As usual the 63rd Macau Grand Prix 2016 was fast and furious, despite last-minute changes to the organizational and supplier chains.

A true diversifier

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to attend the St. Martens party (in Portuguese ‘Magusto’) at the Hovione premises in Taipa.

Equality in Taiwan

While the past week has been filled with endless arguments in favour of or in protest against the United States Presidential election, Taiwan has been focusing on gender and marriage equality.