Planning reality

The Macau SAR Government is finally moving ahead with the comprehensive urban planning of the city.

Labour pains

If there is a matter of high social and political relevance where Macau seems to be stuck in time, that matter is, without hesitation, labour relations and regulations.

2016 year in review

2016 seems to have been a turning point on the international scene. We had Mr.

Exit with haste

The Christmas holidays are a time when people travel near and far to celebrate and often count blessings of family, finances, and employment.

Political choices

Two dates seem to attract the highest number of demonstrators to the streets of Macau: the MSAR Handover Anniversary Day and Labour Day.

Enough is enough

Very seldom do some of the worst stories related to the taxi services in Macau reach the media.

Twitter’s relevance race

In an attempt to stay relevant in the social media universe, Twitter updated its live stream capabilities this week and fans of the platform are pleased.

Urban perspectives

Urban planning, or the lack thereof, is a subject that comes to the surface every so often.