Seeing beyond the end of our nose!

With the transition, gaming exploded, in a city forced to make a reserve of MOP10 bil­lion (almost a year of public expenses at the time), being in a continuous recession, with unemployment levels of

Mala fide

Since the beginning of his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has advocated for a tougher attitude towards China.

Player Ratings

In football terms, what we have seen in the last few weeks has been a very unexciting performance from almost all the players.

Hidden cost of messaging apps

While messaging apps like WeChat, What’s App and Telegram offer a free service to millions of customers around the world, the hidden fee may be censorship and geo-location.

To be continued…

In many social and political circumstances, the most revealing aspects are not those that are mentioned but those that are absent.

A complicated city

This world goes backwards.
And backward it will continue to go as the USA has managed to elect a President out of our time!

Green economy

What are the chances of China becoming a world leader in the fight against global warming and environmental destruction?

The usual suspect

One of the good things for the publishers of news in Macau and for those who try to opine, like myself, is that a particular member of the Legislative Assembly seems to have a penchant for bombastic d