Our good people

The extraordinary events of last week triggered an extraordinary reaction from the people of Macau.

Post-typhoon judgement begins

To be honest, I did not believe that an actual typhoon was on its way.

Before and after

When disaster touches us, our greatest desire is to move on, not to brood on what has happened. However, we should not hastily overlook what we went through.

No fun

That was a week to remember.


In a tragedy like the one which has just devastated our city, the first words go to the families and friends of those who lost their lives.

Macau should not be like this

The effects of Typhoon Hato were the strongest to be felt in Macau this century and possibly for the last three decades.

Phone scam survival guide

Is anyone else horrified that the almost 30 per cent of victims affected by recent scams by phone in Macau, causing monetary losses of around MOP12.5 million in less than a month, were university stud

Shades of bright

Last week, I spotted a headline in one of the local newspapers (the Portuguese language HojeMacau, for the record) that arrested my attention.