Political choices

Two dates seem to attract the highest number of demonstrators to the streets of Macau: the MSAR Handover Anniversary Day and Labour Day.

Enough is enough

Very seldom do some of the worst stories related to the taxi services in Macau reach the media.

Twitter’s relevance race

In an attempt to stay relevant in the social media universe, Twitter updated its live stream capabilities this week and fans of the platform are pleased.

Urban perspectives

Urban planning, or the lack thereof, is a subject that comes to the surface every so often.

Rising sun

The birthday of Japanese Emperor Akihito on December 23 was marked by a discreet celebration in Macau at the Okura Hotel on December 16.

Long live the MSAR

Macau has been through a true revolution since 1999. In the middle of the Asian crisis, the handover marked the end of the once Portuguese empire.

Social media shopping

Online shopping is trending and with the success of Single’s Day and Cyber Monday reaching into the billions, companies are looking for the best way to have their products noticed by consumers.


The purported impact of false news and fabricated facts has become a topical subject. They seem to have an inordinate influence upon people’s behaviour.