Why not?

Hotel Estoril is the latest in a series of urban properties which has been, again, earmarked for renovation.

Courtesy assumption

More than giving free interest loans or subsidies to windows – amazing how the price of glass went up in Macau – the measure that the Macau Government should take vis-à-vis the hecatomb of Hato would

A New Macau Emerging

Typhoon Hato blew through Macau on August 23rd, but the winds of change remained as evident in the Legislative Assembly vote on Sunday.

Not exactly about elections

The media are full of figures and attempts to explain the election results. It is a necessary effort – also a limited one.

The meaning of a free economy

Once upon a time there was a city that saw it’s pockets begin to fill and burst at the seams with all the money raised by an ingenious idea of the top herald of the town, coming from a time in which p

Political observations

Elections are a high point in politics.
Yet traditional mechanisms of political representation seem to have been lacking lately, in efficient ways of governing and representation itself.

Election day

Sunday, we will have elections in Macau. It is the most democratic moment of our second system.

Electoral Law vs FaceBook

Nelson Moura’s recent article “Killing The Messenger” highlighted interesting insights on Legislative Assembly (AL) elections and campaigning regulations.