New-speak, old-memories

As a rule, I avoid introducing personal matters or experiences in these comments. Today is an exception. It will shortly become clear why I will break the rule today and what it is all about.

Wishful thinking

Non-resident inhabitants of Macau, aka blue-card holders, will likely have to pay more to use public transportation in the city.

What happened in Vegas

“I’m on lockdown at the Luxor, there is an active shooter.” These were the horrific words that my friend received in a text message from her husband on Sunday night.

Master Plan, take one

Last week, the Administration published the Tourism Industry Development Master Plan.

Crypto news

This week, besides the elections - which demonstrated that some declarations are punishable by the citizens who vote, and that some of the new Legislative Assembly members appointed by the Chief Execu

The millennial factor

Millennials are changing the game.

Labour pains, continued

The government has launched a consultation process concerning the revision of some points of the labour law. The document will be open for comment for about two months.


1. My forecasts pointed to inflation in August of between 1.15 and 1.17 per cent. It stood at 1.16 percent!
However, this inflation indicator does not reflect the reality of Macau.