Beware tenancy law changes

Did you know that Macau real estate law has been amended?

The rain has gone

When disaster strikes – and the last two weeks are not easily forgotten – all kinds of theories pop up.

A city more walled-in and frightened ...

1. We have witnessed in this city, more and more walling-in about the “small deviation” in the forecasts of Fong Soi Kun, with all the mess that it caused.

Junket twist

Junkets are an important engine of Macau’s gambling-centred economy.

Our good people

The extraordinary events of last week triggered an extraordinary reaction from the people of Macau.

Post-typhoon judgement begins

To be honest, I did not believe that an actual typhoon was on its way.

Before and after

When disaster touches us, our greatest desire is to move on, not to brood on what has happened. However, we should not hastily overlook what we went through.

No fun

That was a week to remember.