The meaning of a free economy

Once upon a time there was a city that saw it’s pockets begin to fill and burst at the seams with all the money raised by an ingenious idea of the top herald of the town, coming from a time in which p

Political observations

Elections are a high point in politics.
Yet traditional mechanisms of political representation seem to have been lacking lately, in efficient ways of governing and representation itself.

Election day

Sunday, we will have elections in Macau. It is the most democratic moment of our second system.

Electoral Law vs FaceBook

Nelson Moura’s recent article “Killing The Messenger” highlighted interesting insights on Legislative Assembly (AL) elections and campaigning regulations.

Sense and sensibility

Traumatic events often make people over-sensitive to comparable circumstances. That is a normal reaction; it is part of how we cope with distress and prepare to deal with future events.

Fairy Tales

When the exchange market is attacked by speculators, economies intervene through their monetary authorities.

Concretely virtual

It is a fact, or at least a strong trend, that services are going progressively more digital.

Is this the end of the system?

Well, after recent outstanding events, we are now in a political campaign for the Legislative Assembly of Macau.