Multicultural practice

Speaking during an event at the Macao Trade and Investment Fair (MIF) last week, Frederick Ma Chi Ngai, Permanent President of the Macao Youth Association and Vice President of China Youth Entrepreneu

Safe data?

I think we can all agree that all data is safe . . . until it’s hacked. I’m sure that Yahoo, Dropbox, Equifax and Target all thought their infrastructure was safe . . .

Typhoon tail

Last week, the Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) published a report on the weather services. It raises interesting questions that go beyond the specific conclusions reached therein.

The problem of positive discrimination

There is an issue that is fundamental for me: that whoever participates in the development of our internal economy, as a direct agent, entrepreneur or worker, must have the same treatment in all forum

Transport solutions

Transport problems are well known in Macau.

Lessons from Las Vegas

Following the aftermath of the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas, hotel and casino establishments are reviewing their security protocols.

Housing questions

The recently published government report on the future needs of public housing indicates both demand (in 2026) and supply (in the “medium and long-term” – the time precision is somewhat looser here) w

Populist card

First, a proposal for a new public transportation company designated only for holders of a Macau ID.