Is this the end of the system?

Well, after recent outstanding events, we are now in a political campaign for the Legislative Assembly of Macau.
Within this, we have seen already amazing decisions made by the Commission of Electoral Affairs. One in relation to an interview of one of the candidates by the sole bilingual newspa­per of Macau, Plataforma. In a nutshell, the view of the aforesaid Commission is that an interview out of the period of a campaign is considered propaganda and is therefore not acceptable. Well, there are rights in Macau consecrated by the Basic Law. Among them: freedom of the press.
In my humble view, such right is more important than an interpretation of an ad hoc commission about electoral acts. Informing the population, which lacks in so many areas, is a fundamental right. What these interpretations may do is put in danger the second system as it was conceived. Macau is a place where we have had huge development in the past due to the fact that a semi-democratic system exists with freedom of the press and with fundamental rights.
Those who must preserve it seem to not understand that they are where they are due to the fact that this system exists. Not happy enough with these interpretations, we had this week a tremendous interpretation on what are the new digital platforms. Facebook is facing (appropriate verb) a penalty because Macau candidates included paid announcements on the platform.
Dear Sirs, I understand all your concerns and I respect them. But don’t you understand that the world has evolved? Don’t you understand that we live today in a world where digital platforms command media trends and are the conduit for passing messages of whatever nature?
Some people in Macau need to understand that we are in a free place and the fact that we pay Facebook to advertise an idea (in this case a legal idea) cannot be considered a breach of the Electoral Law.
Otherwise, we have embarked upon the beginning of the end of the second system as propagated by Deng Xiaoping. It also goes without saying that the same applies to the attempts to spy on the message platforms regarding rumour spreading. If it is the second system you want to kill, please inform us in advance so that we have time to prepare ourselves for the future.