Twitter’s relevance race

In an attempt to stay relevant in the social media universe, Twitter updated its live stream capabilities this week and fans of the platform are pleased. Twitter’s Periscope was one of the first social media platforms to enable users to create live broadcasts but was always slightly difficult to use.
It required the user to operate both Twitter and Periscope with separate logins to achieve live feed videos. Now, it is possible to live stream directly through Twitter which should make for a more seamless user experience.
“We started Periscope because we wanted to give people the superpower to share live video with an audience. Bringing this capability directly into the Twitter app is an important step because it brings that superpower to the hundreds of millions of people who use Twitter,” said Kayvon Beykpour, CEO of Periscope. “Twitter’s already the place where people go to see what’s happening. With this update, anyone can now broadcast what’s happening live.”
Twitter was under pressure to outperform competitors like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories, which are dominating the market of users. This updated feature should increase video traffic on Twitter although given the intense competition from Facebook it remains to be seen whether Twitter updates will significantly impact user engagement.
Cisco forecasts that ‘three quarters of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2020.’ Live videos allow companies to connect with their consumers directly and Facebook and Twitter are pushing videos aggressively both as a sharing tool and marketing strategy. By allowing the user to broadcast videos via mobile cameras the companies are challenging the popular notion that videos need to be shot professionally.
For companies in Macau and around the world, one way to maximise your brand’s exposure using the Live Feed on Twitter is to search trending hashtags, select a tag and then start a Live Feed. Tweeting your live feed with the trending hash tag will immediately place your tweet as the most recent in the feed of the trending hashtag. For a moment, your brand can capitalise on the rush and grab exposure. If executed frequently and efficiently, this tactic is a simple way to increase your brand’s international reach.
With the goal of attracting long term followers in mind, small brands with initiative, drive and stellar content can be as competitive as major brands with large marketing budgets - even if it is just for a moment.