Professional road campaigns more than urgent

The good side of driving in Macau is the very unique temperament of its drivers, most of whom don’t give a fig for the rules. Drivers that know they don’t know or don’t want to know and, thus, we rarely see any cases of road rage. Contrary to what is found in several European countries, particularly in the south; you know - the mostly Latino climes. But it’s more than time for the authorities to be genuinely concerned by the fact that most drivers negotiate the roads oblivious to traffic rules. Good education is necessary. Courtesy is necessary. But in Macau people drive badly. Period. They drive in the right-hand lane when they should be in the left, don’t obey traffic rules and common sense is practically nonexistent. Teaching in driving schools, apparently, is not controlled. And even the police often don’t respect the fundamental rules of propelling a motor vehicle, doing the same as everyone else. Meaning that being a widespread evil it becomes a lesser evil? The state of grace of the new Traffic Bureau (DSAT) team has ended. Road safety campaigns are urgent. Well-made campaigns, professionally executed. With a strong educational component; and with projects developed in collaboration with schools while young minds are still forming. Major campaigns to involve more than one government department, a multidisciplinary project, shall we say, is also a must. With the Education and Youth Bureau (DSEJ), and with the cabinet of the Secretary for Security. How can we continue to pretend that we’re preparing Macau to be a World Centre of Tourism and Leisure while the city suffers the most basic of defects, remains uneducated, and has few professional services to offer? The clue is in the driving mentality. Fix that and who knows what treasures may lie in store.