Frosty reception for casino market in Russia

Officials in Crimea are soon to start accepting bids for qualified gaming operators and allowing the development of hotels and tourist attractions, reported this week.

Tax compliance index launched, Hengqin scores 84.99

The pilot free trade zone of Zhuhai - Hengqin New Area – has launched a tax compliance index, the first system in Mainland China that performs quantitative analysis on the level of compliance of taxpa

Report: Identifying customers and catering to needs

Analysts from Bernstein found that 42 per cent of Chinese customers, on their most recent visit to the MSAR, 'stayed at or gamed for a majority of their time at a Sands property'

The average Chinese gaming consumer is '36 years old, is more likely to be male, very likely lives in a Tier 1 or Tier 2 city, earns RMB19,000 per month (US$34,00 per year), and has visited Macau thre

Taking the tokens to Asia

Despite currently being involved in a cryptocurrency initial coin offering (ICO), eSports betting company Unikrn is looking to extend its services to the MSAR with local gaming operators having expres

After announcing it is applying for its first gaming licence in Europe and currently holding an initial coin offering (ICO), eSports betting company Unikrn told Business Daily the group has been appro

A certain uniqueness

A recent study considers that the role the MSAR can take in the Greater Bay Area is linked to the development of special financial features, while further regional co-operation is essential in prevent

In order to provide a financial centre with special features that can contribute to the development of the Greater Bay Area, the MSAR Government should focus on establishing the announced RMB clearing

Achieving positivity

Estimates for Macau’s economic growth have been raised by the International Monetary Fund to 13.4 per cent this year and 7 per cent in 2018

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has increased its estimates for the MSAR’s economic growth in 2017 and 2018 in its most recent World Economic Outlook report.

Unwelcoming sharing economy

Leading hotelier says it is impossible to wipe out illegal accommodation completely given the difficulty in regulating online home rental platforms

“It is very difficult to regulate them, in my opinion; it is difficult for the government to completely crack down [on illegal accommodation],” said the president of the Macau Hoteliers & Innkeepers A

Balancing Bricks & Mortar

Outlook for public housing supply catching up with demand is positive in the long run, says Housing Bureau president. Report reveals that by 2023 units available will match need.

The situation for meeting the demand for public housing is positive in the long run, although the current supply is not yet sufficient to meet demand, according to

Paying the minimum wage bill

Worker representative suggests a 5 per cent increase in the minimum wage for staff hired for building management tasks, with consumers likely to foot the bill

Tenants are footing the bill of the changes brought about by the implementation of a minimum wage for building management services personnel, according to a committee.

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