Toss a coin

Analysts are divided on whether revenues will shrink or grow in 2015. Conflicting signals are muddying the waters.

2015 may be a ‘tale of two halves’ for the gaming industry in Macau, American bank Morgan Stanley foresees, expecting the industry will continue suffering in the first half of the year before recover

Finger on the pulse

What we've all been waiting for. Now the new Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture has said it. Alex Tam has publicly pledged to improve the quality of the health system.

Labour complaints

2,000 labour complaints. That’s the number the gov’t handled in the first eleven months of last year. Nearly 40 per cent related to unpaid wages

Of the nearly 2,000 labour dispute cases filed with the city’s Labour Affairs Bureau in the first eleven months of last year, 724 of the cases – or 38 per cent – related to unpaid wages totalling some

Perfect Shape in perfect shape

The Hong Kong-listed beauty service provider said its sales of prepaid packages of medical beauty services has leapt in both the Hong Kong and Macau market in the past quarter

December figures cap ‘rocky’ year

Another Gross Gaming Revenue record. But one causing concern and consternation in various quarters. Even if it was anticipated. GGR suffered its first full-year fall in 2014.
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