“Talented people won’t come here to get your MOP9,000 cash handout!”

Dr. Yau Chuk

Recently, Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation launched the “GEG Venture Philanthropy Fund”.

“The presumption of innocence exists for everyone, white collar or blue collar”

Pedro Leal

A lawyer in Macau for 19 years and a member of the Macau Lawyers

“We need to industrialize local cultural creative operations and vice versa”

Window Lei

Bringing the city’s cultural creative artists out of their own places and gathering them in one place is the main aim for Window Lei, the boss of Village Ltd.

Macau Pass gears up for the e-commerce era

Harvey Chen

Card issuer: ‘Opening the third-party payment platform market not totally good’

‘Time for Rosé wines to return to the market’

Eddie McDougall

Host of wine festival Rosé Revolution Eddie McDougall believes now is the appropriate time to revive the once-popular Rosé wine sector in Asia, especially as China is experiencing an economic slowdown

IKEA is here to stay

Patrik Lindvall

The IKEA Pick-up Point has moved from its industrial location to its modern venue in Macau Tower enabling the furniture retail company to focus its efforts on enhancing customers’ shopping experiences