Macau is online

Mio Keng Seng

The director of local online shopping platform MineYeah Company Limited, Mio Keng Seng sees the potential of e-commerce, in particular for business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions in the city.

Transforming Cotai

Davis Fong, Director of the Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming

Director of the Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming, Davis Fong sits down with Business Daily to talk about the future of the Cotai Strip, the various industries that will be affected by

All hail the Cloud

Craig McKenna

Evolving growth markets, advantages of Cloud for SMEs as well as big business, security risks and data breaches, the advantages of Blockchain and challenging the Big Three cloud providers, were al

Fighting against the tide

Manuela António

As the newly-formed Macau Corporate Governance Institute marks its first official event today, and with the law firm bearing her name celebrating 30 years in business in the MSAR, Manuela António

Bringing the beef back

Governor Pete Ricketts, 40th Governor of the state of Nebraska

Leading an 80-strong trade delegation from the United States to Macau,

Foodie central

Mr. Bernard Delmas, Senior Vice President of the Michelin Group, and Ms. Lisa Perrotti-Brown, Editor-in-Chief of Robert Parker Wine Advocate

Having reached Macau for the first time nine years ago, the world-renowned Michelin Guide produced by the French tire company of the same name has awarded three more stars to restaurants in the city t