Building banner bust

Customs authorities have taken action. Ad banners on a building have been removed following suspicions of trademark violations.

Is it now?

Investors are hoping that the recent recovery of credit in China could boost the VIP segment here, given that a wave of high-roller rooms is shutting down

Storm before the calm

Gaming revenues are expected to drop further in the first quarter. Analysts predict a 29 per cent plunge y-o-y.

Junkets on borrowed time?

An inside source has told Business Daily that David Group is “shifting its focus to the overseas market” due to fierce competition in the VIP sector amid slumping gross gaming revenue in Macau

Sign on the dotted line

This is the end game. Macau’s gaming industry is going to need up to 18,000 more workers this year. Unemployment is minimal at 1.6 pct.

Caution: downgrade possible

They were once the darling of the rating agencies. But things have changed. Operators’ plummeting gaming revenues have set off alarm bells.

In May, when it upgraded Macau to its third highest rating level above China and Japan, Moody’s said its main concern was the slowdown of the mainland economy, never referring to a possible gaming cri

Gaming revenues may drop 16.5pct in January

Investors estimate a 16.5 per cent decline in gaming revenues this month, still the best month for the industry since September. SJM is expected to suffer the biggest blow
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