Macau should not be like this

The effects of Typhoon Hato were the strongest to be felt in Macau this century and possibly for the last three decades.

Enough is enough

Very seldom do some of the worst stories related to the taxi services in Macau reach the media.

Banana Republic

International investors must be puzzled with the way governance in Macau is conducted.

Stop the mess

The Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture is right. In terms of public tenders and direct adjudications for major building projects, Macau “is a mess”.

Better commitment needed

It is not only in Macau, quite the opposite. Luxury retailresults are feeling the pinch of the “new normal”, especially those markets that are more dependent on Chinese consumers.

Branding Macau

The Macau Tourism Industry Development Master Plan is currently available for public consultation.

Changing shortsighted policies

It’s not just the gaming operators who complain, although covertly, about the increasing difficulties they experience while trying to recruit skilled workers and renewing existing blue cards for skill

Professional road campaigns more than urgent

The good side of driving in Macau is the very unique temperament of its drivers, most of whom don’t give a fig for the rules.