Hands off

As you were. The city’s gaming regulator has no ‘new rules’ in mind regarding scrutiny of VIP gaming promoters and collaborators. DICJ says its’ reminders of criminal records is routine.

Packaging Macau

Every cloud has a silver lining. Gaming revenue may be in the doldrums but the number of visitor arrivals keeps rising. In November, more than 1.16 million visitors arrived on package tours.

GNI per capita reached MOP587K last year

The growth of GNI topped that of GDP last year, totalling 327.78 billion patacas, implying that the ‘average income’ of residents should have reached some 587,000 patacas last year

NIMBY’s prevail

No family hostels in Macau in the near future. This per a Macau Government Tourist Office survey. Some 60 pct of Macau residents embrace the concept of family hostels.
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