Contribute Your Thoughts

typing-laptopHello and welcome to Macau Business Daily! My name is Josh Sykes and this is my blog! As you may know, I intend to use this website to share my experiences and talk about tips about business, marketing, technology, and even startups.

These topics are ones which constantly evolve—I should know. Through the years that I have been an active businessman, I have learned that you must never rest on your laurels. You may think that you are in an okay position but end up with obsolete processes and beliefs. While I would like to say that I would be able to cover all topics sufficiently, I know the value of asking for help before being overwhelmed.

Therefore, I am putting out a call for anyone who has experience with the fields of business, marketing, technology, and startups. I am opening up this space for anyone that would like to contribute these particular things:

Personal Accounts about Business

I have found that there is no replacing real-world experience when it comes to providing a different point of view and a clear review of where things went well and when they did not. I am looking for people who can share their personal anecdotes in article form.

Useful Information about Marketing

Marketing is one of the aspects of business that is constantly shifting. I would highly appreciate any articles that would be willing to tackle this plainly and cohesively.

If you think you would like to be a contributing author for Macau Business Daily, you may give me a call at 078 5824 1199.