CAM targets MOP1.16bln revenue for 2015

The Macau International Airport Company Ltd (CAM) said it was targeting some 54,500 flight movements for this year, in addition to 26,162 tonnes of cargo and 5.65 million passenger movements.

Family heirloom

It’s been a tempestuous ride. And the storm still hasn’t subsided. Novo Banco Asia (New Bank Asia), formerly known as BESOR, has a mighty task ahead.

Paulo A. Azevedo and Alex Lee

Battle of the budget

There are only about 17 offerings from Macau on Airbnb but the territory is already listed as one of the top five destinations with the most expensive apartments

Stem cell banking

Macau doesn’t have any stem cells banking services; however, people here are looking into Hong Kong as a lifeline to the future

There may not be a big number of Macau people seeking stem cells banking companies, but those that are need to look to Hong Kong.

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