Sino-Luso offshore allowed

Starting from today, the MSAR will allow the establishment of offshore operations related to trade and services between Portuguese-speaking countries and mainland China

The MSAR will now allow the opening of offshores related to trade and services between Portuguese-speaking countries and mainland China starting from today, according to a release in the Official Gaze

Hotel and the city

The hotel sector posted a 9.3 per cent increase in revenue year-on-year in 2016, amounting to MOP28.47 billion, according to the results of the survey conducted by the Statistics and Census Services (

UnionPay retail merchants on the line

Control over the use of mainland China-issued UnionPay cards might increase, and it won’t be over ATMs, suggests analyst

The use of UnionPay retail merchant facilities, rather than ATMs, can explain a rise in demand for cash from mainland Chinese UnionPay (CUP) cardholders betting on premium mass tables in Macau, accord

Still knowing your customer

Whereas the monetary authorities of the Macau and Hong Kong SARs remain unable to confirm if money withdrawals at ATMs in both jurisdictions have decreased or increased since the implementation of KYC

Applying different identity verification controls at ATM machines in the Macau and Hong Kong SARs suggests the Chinese government has different purposes, namely, to prevent ‘money laundering and capit

Mandarin Oriental with 49 pct occupancy in H1

TurboJET Premium Grand class passengers up 19 pct y-o-y, Harbour Mile project still pending gov’t Master Plan

The Mandarin Oriental Macau, operated by local group Shun Tak Holdings Limited, saw occupancy during the first six months of the year reaching just 49 per cent, as compared to citywide average of 84.7

CTM: operating normal

Local telecommunications company replied to Business Daily’s enquiry that ‘CTM’s network and services are operating normal’, in the wake of the many complaints received from residents claiming that co

Flying high

The CEO of Malaysian low-cost carrier Air Asia stated yesterday the company will look to add five to six routes to the MSAR every year, believing the company in the next five years could be able to ca

Malaysian low-cost airline carrier Air Asia is planning to add “between 32 to 34 destinations” to its Macau airline connections in the near future, the company’s Group Chief Executive Officer, Tan Sri

Mind what you say online

Scholar perceived that Chinese authorities would not act too stringent towards SARs users despite the recent introduction of Chinese latest cyber regulations

WeChat users from the SARs need not to worry about custody despite SARs internet users might now find themselves to be more considerate in making comments online or on messaging platform, said Profess

Hospitality will always need friendly faces

PATA CEO points out dangers and opportunities of increasing use of technology in tourism

Being ready to re-skill and keeping a curious mind will be key to adapting to the changing environment in the tourism industry as technology, in particular artificial intelligence, plays a more domina

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