About Me


The realm of business, marketing, technology, startups are all important points to talk about. Many of us make it a point to take control of our own financial journeys. For many, that financial journey means starting up our very own business. While many have managed to establish their own business and flourish, there are a significant number of people who have failed at this attempt.

Is it any wonder that people are always scrounge around for the best sort of tips and discussions about business that they can find? I hope to throw my hat in the ring of discussions! Hey there! My name is Josh Sykes and I have had the fortune of being a successful entrepreneur during my day.

Today, beyond enjoying an occasional round of golf and my daily dose of horror from Netflix, I still run a consultancy firm that specializes in providing much needed information for budding startups and businessmen. I make use of my hard-won knowledge to provide a better chance for those that are just starting their financial journey.

I will be using this blog to give tips and discussions about business, marketing, technology, startups so I hope that you’ll be joining me!