Difficulties hard to overcome

Legislator José Pereira Coutinho said the car hailing service is going to leave the city.

Car hailing application Uber told its driver-partners that it is trying its best to maintain operations in the Special Administrative Region, following news reports last week indicating that the mobil

Land Swap Solution

Secretary for Transport and Public Works Rosário has a solution. Saying the government’s land debts will be repaid by reclaimed idle land.

Rosário: Land debts to be repaid by reclaimed idle land

The MSAR Government plans to use reclaimed
idle land to repay land debts in the order
of 88,806 square metres.

Annie Lao

New residential mortgages down 13 pct in June

But new approvals of commercial real estate loans soared in the same month.

New approvals of residential mortgage loans fell 12.8 per cent month-on-month to MOP4.7 billion (US$587.5 million) in June, with equitable mortgages plummeting by 88.2 per cent, revealed yesterday’s l

Tourist bus crash: Ten still in hospital

The injured tourists have filed a criminal action against the local travel agent involved.

Ten patients remained in Kiang Wu Hospital as at 5:30 pm yesterday following a tourist bus crashing into a residential building on Monday afternoon, the Tourism Crisis Management Office (GGCT) said ye

At least 30 injured in tourist bus crash

At least 30 Mainland Chinese tourists were injured yesterday, three seriously, when a tour bus crashed into a building, according to Xinhua quoting the SAR authorities.

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