Art Hub Macau

Still in its infancy. That’s the declared wisdom on Macau’s art market. But a local auction at the weekend still managed to attract bidders for 166 art pieces.

A ceramic pillow shaped like a Song Dynasty beauty was sold for HK$395.55 million (US$51.02 million) at an auction that took place in Macau hosted by the China Shede Auction International (Macau) Co.,

Alert System Now A Priority

A crisis always has ramifications. And the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) raging in S. Korea is no exception. The local insurance sector wants clarification.

Eyes wide open

1,620 cameras watching 30.2 km2. The scope of the whole surveillance network in Macau when completed. The Unitary Police Service head said the fourth and final phase will add 800 cameras.
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