16.2 percent more Blue Card holders as at June

The government’s Human Resources Office’s latest data shows that the number of non-resident workers in the SAR, commonly known as blue card holders, rose 16.2 per cent year-on-year to 180,523 as at th

Government should step up efforts to tackle overstaying

Ella Lei Cheng I urges the authorities to suppress overstaying in order to prevent possible safety hazards to social security

Legislator Ella Lei Cheng I recently submitted a written enquiry to the government, urging the authorities to tackle the problem of overstaying which may result in burglary, illegal working and docume

ANIMA hosts roundtable condemning greyhound racing

The Society for Animal Protection in Macau will deliver a petition today bearing around 300,000 signatures demanding the government close down the Canidrome

The closure of Macau’s Canidrome and the future of its greyhounds were yesterday the topic of discussion of a roundtable organised by ANIMA, the Society for Animal Protection, at the Grand Coloane Res

Higher Education: Macau lacks Hong Kong’s academic environment

Education in the territory is behind Hong Kong in terms of academic ambience but features a distinct local style praised by researcher Yongqian Li of Jinan University

Graduate education in Macau features a local style and has achieved much in 20 years.

Social Security Fund’s expenses grow almost three times faster than income

Last year, the Fund experienced a faster increase in its expenses supporting the city’s pension and allowances, while income has seen more sluggish growth due to the slowdown in gaming revenue

The city's Social Security Fund, which supports the pension and several allowances here, has seen its expenses for 2014 increase at a pace that is almost three times that of the revenue it received as

Tourist prices track slowest growth in 12 years

The city’s tourist price index for the second quarter has been largely influenced by accommodation costs. Hotel prices dropped almost 30 per cent from the first quarter

Macau’s tourist price index (TPI) for the second quarter of this year rose by only 0.82 per cent year-on-year to 134.61, reflecting the slowest growth for nearly 12 years as hotel costs in the quarter

70 per cent of Air Macau summer flights booked

This month, the airline has increased its number of flights from the city to Bangkok and Osaka during July and August to ‘meet increasing market demand’

The city’s flag carrier, Air Macau, said the tourism market for the summer vacation is still optimistic as bookings for its current flight routes exceed 70 per cent.

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