Increased participation in cultural activities

DSEC data reveals a significant rise in local residents watching locally-made movies and short films.

A total of 302,300 individuals participated in cultural activities in the second quarter of this year, with a participation rate of 54.9 per cent, according to the latest survey on participation of re

Grand Lisboa Palace workers up in arms

Local construction workers complain that Grand Lisboa Palace contractors are prioritising non-resident workers.

A group of local construction workers on the Grand Lisboa Palace project - developed by local gaming operator SJM Holdings Ltd.

Typhoon to visit on Mid-Autumn Festival

Xiamen Airlines announced that the flight to Macau from Jinjiang today at 4:35 pm will be cancelled due to Typhoon Merani. The typhoon also led to the cancellation of some 11 flights yesterday.

Construction workers demand unpaid wages

A group of construction workers on the Grand Lisboa Palace project in Cotai protested on the construction site yesterday, requesting unpaid wages from their construction companies according to local p

Unemployed local construction workers rally

Increasing numbers of non-resident and illegal construction workers have caused more joblessness for local construction workers, say protestors.

A group of some 300 local unemployed construction workers will gather today to protest an alleged increase in the number of non-resident construction workers and illegal workers in the construction in

Hong Kong court dismisses ‘inconsistent’ case

An attempt to claim ownership of shares in Stanley Ho’s gaming empire worth an “unimaginable sum” has failed, as the High Court of Hong Kong ruled that evidence presented by the claimant, billionaire

Wong Sio Chak: Uber stands no chance

The city’s security head vows the gov’t will continue to crack down on illegal taxi drivers.

With regard to a recent complaint by the public claiming police intercept drivers on the roads to find illegal taxi drivers in the city by checking their mobile devices, Secretary for Security Wong Si

‘Smart City’ concepts to transform Macau

The chairman of the Macau Science and Technology Fund says it hopes for an overall plan before the end of 2017 and will “call for proposals” on turning the MSAR into a Smart City.

The Macau Science and Technology Fund (FDCT) will “call for proposals” on creating the framework for the development of a Smart City, according to comments yesterday by Ma Chi Ngai, Chairman of the FD

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