Part-time Perks A Puzzle

Nobody seems to be happy with the new labour legislation. As applied to part-time workers.

Representatives from both workers and employers cannot see the exact positive outcome for the laying out of regulations for part-timers in the wake of the recent public consultation for the Labour Rel

AIPIM to release report of freedom of the press

The Portuguese and English Press Association (AIPIM) will release a report entitled ‘Depiction of the freedom of the press and access to sources of information for working journalists in Macau’, next

Report: Chinese philanthropy on the rise

Between 2006 and 2016 the number of foundations in China grew 430 per cent, amounting to 5,545 in total, while philanthropy by those of Chinese origin has been consistently on the rise in recent years

Enter the Dragon

Researchers find that children born in the Year of the Dragon are more likely to succeed
Children born during the Chinese zodiac sign of the Dragon appear to be more likely to be successful at school and more likely to go to – and succeed at - university, according to the results of a stu

Gaming workers take complaints to DSAL

Hundreds of gaming workers gathered at the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) to lodge complaints against a gaming operator for unreasonable treatment, according to Chinese TDM Radio News.

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