Two-stroke vehicles elimination funding slows down

Subsidies for the third quarter of 2017 funded by the Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) totalled MOP8.91 million (US$1.12 million), a drop of 42 per cent compared to the total amount funded in the previous quarter.
According to a dispatch posted by the DSPA in the Official Gazette yesterday, the majority of third quarter funding was disbursed to support drivers ‘eliminating’ two-stroke motorcycles, amounting to some MOP6.84 million, representing a decrease of 24 per cent quarter-to-quarter.
Under the MOP3,500 subsidy scheme to eliminate two-stroke engine vehicles and motorcycles, DSPA attracted 5,736 applications. The initiative was linked to efforts by the Macau SAR Government to eliminate high-polluting vehicles in circulation in order to improve overall air quality in the city.
Meanwhile, some MOP2.07 million was distributed to individuals as well as companies for the support scheme using products and facilities that are environmentally friendly. The amount dropped compared to MOP6.45 million during the second quarter.
The biggest amount disbursed under the aforementioned scheme was MOP248,286 to a beneficiary surnamed Lee; 16 individuals and 21 companies received the fund under the scheme during the third quarter