Overall revised draft of principles on militarising security force completed soon

The government has also announced the introduction of a mechanism for social housing applications

of militarising the city’s security force will soon be completed, said Executive Council spokesperson Leong Heng Teng yesterday while announcing the revisions of three other bills at Government Headquarters.
Judiciary Police recently released a statement about a future ‘attack’ drill on the city’s casinos involving the six gaming operators on account of the recent terrorist incidents occurring in the Philippines and Las Vegas.
Secretary for Security Wong Sio Chak stressed on Wednesday that arrangements with gaming operators in terms of providing ‘protective equipment’ or other strategies to prevent terrorism could only be planned once there is legal support.
Yesterday’s announcement about the revision of the principles of militarising Macau’s security forces was confined to clause 43 of the expansion of range in selecting officials for the Macao Customs by the Public Security Forces Affairs Bureau and Academy of Public Security Forces.

Constant mechanism for social housing applications
Mr. Leong also introduced a bill regarding social housing with the presentation of a constant mechanism for social housing applications. However, the bill removed the allowance of applications made by full-time students.
Arnaldo Ernesto dos Santos, President of the Housing Bureau, said applications will be available before year-end, while noting that the next round of applications will not implement the new arrangement of the bill given that time would be required for legislative procedures when the bill is sent to the Legislative Assembly.
However, requirements regarding applicants’ income and owned assets would be soon adjusted prior to the bill becoming law.
Leong remarked that the constant mechanism for social housing application would allow a clearer understanding of the most up to date demands for housing.