Hotel Royal, Ritz-Carlton confirm receiving bomb-threat “prank”

Hotel Royal and the Ritz-Carlton have confirmed to Business Daily that they received a bomb-threat e-mail last week, believed by the local Judiciary Police (PJ) to be “prank”.
The PJ said last Friday that it received a report from a hotel on the Peninsula on Thursday, saying it had received an e-mail warning of a bomb threat, but the hotel itself suspected the content was fake.
‘After the analysis of the Bureau, it is believed that the e-mail is a prank. We will continue the investigation,’ the PJ wrote in a message to the local press, warning residents that distributing fake information is a violation of the city’s Penal Code.
The bomb-threat e-mail, obtained by Business Daily from a source, shows the recipients included the Ritz-Carlton, Hotel Royal, Banyan Tree Macau, Wynn Macau, Crown Plaza Macau and Grand Coloane Resort.
Apart from the first two hotels confirming they had received the e-mail, the other hotels had not confirmed with us before this story went to press.
The e-mail reads that there was ‘an urgent high priority alert for upcoming bombing threat in Macau & Hong’ by two Philippine female terrorists deployed by Islamic State. The e-mail urges the recipients to inform the police to take immediate action.