Gaming workers take complaints to DSAL

Hundreds of gaming workers gathered at the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) to lodge complaints against a gaming operator for unreasonable treatment, according to Chinese TDM Radio News.
The broadcaster did not reveal the name of the gaming operator in question.
The workers intended to discuss the issues with representatives of the company but were later informed by DSAL that the company representatives could not attend the meeting.
Workers complained that the treatment of employees has not improved despite improvements in company profits. They also criticised the arrangement of working hours during the recent typhoon incidents.

Previous complaints
In information revealed to Business Daily by three employees of The Venetian in a previous report, dealers and supervisors stated that due to their inability to leave the property during the typhoon period, they were kept working overtime.
In one case, an employee at The Venetian worked for 16 continuous hours, with a 10-hour rest period granted in order to go home and come back for his next shift.
Sands China Ltd. responded to Business Daily’s enquiries that it regretted that some team members had expressed discontent regarding shift arrangements during the typhoon period. The company also stated that workers would receive overtime payment which exceeded the requirements of the Macau Labour Law, while employees would also receive additional paid leave days as further compensation.
In addition, Sands claimed that they would ensure team members received at least 12-hour breaks between shifts for sufficient rest.
Others operators’ conduct during the typhoon crisis has also been criticised in social media outlets.