DSAL expediting bill amendments on construction workers safety

The progress of amending the bill for regulating the safety of construction workers is being expedited, according to a response by the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) to an interpellation by legislator Chan Meng Kam.
However, the Bureau has not provided the timetable for the bill to be sent to the Legislative Assembly for deliberation.
Several industrial accidents happened earlier this year which resulted in casualties on construction sites.
Apart from specifying the standards of safe construction, the DSAL is also planning to lay out the safety management system, which includes the addition of members of safety management, specifying the qualification requirements of the members and defining member’s responsibilities.
DSAL reported that 31 suspension notices to construction sites were given out after 558 inspections were made between July 15 to 20.
Developers who had received construction suspension notices were required to submit a detailed report and to improve the work safety environment. Construction was only resumed after approval was received from the DSAL.
To raise safety awareness, the Bureau informed interested architects to participate in a talk to be held September 26 and 27 about the roles of architects in ensuring work safety on construction sites.
Participants who have attended the three-hour talks will be given an attendance certificate.