Angela Leong richest in Macau, paper says

Angela Leong On Kei, the fourth consort of gaming tycoon Stanley Ho Hung Sun, is the richest person in Macau, mainland news media have reported.
The official news agency, Xinhua, said a newspaper in the central province of Hubei had estimated Ms Leong’s assets to be about 12.4 billion yuan (16.1 billion patacas).
Ms Leong is an executive director of gaming company SJM Holdings Ltd.
The newspaper compiled a list of the richest people in 34 cities or provinces of Greater China using data from this year’s Hurun China Rich List.
Ms Leong is one of three women among the 34 entrepreneurs on the list.
She is the 17th-richest on the list.
She is one of only two people on the list that did not earn his or her fortune by starting in business from scratch.
“Leong On Kei’s fortune came from getting shares in Ho Hung Sun’s assets,” Xinhua said.
Mr Ho disposed of most of his assets in 2011 in an agreement that put an end to a bitter dispute among his four families over the bulk of his wealth.
Ms Leong, a former teacher of dance, met Mr Ho in 1986.
Li Ka Shing tops the list and is the richest entrepreneur in Hong Kong, and the entrepreneur with the most assets, worth over 200 billion yuan.
Tsai Eng Meng, the chairman of conglomerate Want Want Holdings Ltd, is the richest entrepreneur in Taiwan, owning assets worth 60 billion yuan.
The Hurun Report first published the China Rich List in 1999.