AIPIM to release report of freedom of the press

The Portuguese and English Press Association (AIPIM) will release a report entitled ‘Depiction of the freedom of the press and access to sources of information for working journalists in Macau’, next Wednesday, September 27 at 5pm, according to a release from the organization. The group describes the report as ‘an Evaluation of the survey carried out by AIPIM regarding press freedom in the Macau Special Administrative Region’. The event will take place at the Casa Garden (Orient Foundation).
AIPIM has been vocal in its defence of press freedom, in particular relating to the recent Legislative Assembly elections and potential pressures on the press, pointing out specific cases in which journalists from Hong Kong were denied entry to the MSAR during the election period.
The group applies to its members a code of ethics relating to the carrying out of their activities, whose first line states: ‘A journalist has a duty to report facts with rigor and accuracy and to interpret them with honesty’.