Road Works Ahead

Yesterday’s Legislative Assembly said it: worsening traffic next year. Secretary for Transport and Public Works Raimundo do Rosário confirmed road works will increase in 2017. He also elaborated upon pressing housing issues and the supply of materials.

The Secretary for Transport and Public Works, Raimundo do Rosário, said that the city’s environmental protection, housing and transport are very important for the city but the three issues cannot be resolved within a short period of time.
It was his response to questions raised by legislators at the Legislative Assembly meeting held yesterday for the Secretary’s 2017 Policy Address for the Transport and Public Works segment of the action plan for the upcoming year. Yesterday was the last day for the debate at AL.
Roadworks will affect the city’s traffic even more next year, Mr. Rosário conceded.
“The Transport Bureau (DSAT) will hold a press conference together with the public utility companies to explain the roadworks for next year, especially with the local power distributor CEM - Companhia de Electricidade de Macau as most of the roadwork projects relate to CEM,” Mr. Rosário said.
Currently, there are 35 public work projects worth more than MOP100 million (US$12.5 million) and 21 design projects worth MOP100 million, Mr. Rosário pointed out.

Affordable housing
He pledged that the MSAR Government will seek out more land to be available for public tender next year and a study will be conducted on how to build cheaper housing in the city.
This was in response to legislator Ho Ion Sang’s questions regarding the city’s housing policy.
“I hope the MSAR Government will [make] more land [available] for public tender next year to build more housing that the general public can afford to buy,” legislator Ho stressed.
Meanwhile, legislator Tsui Wai Kwan raised the issue of the misuse of public housing by some local residents.
In addition, legislator Tsui asked how the MSAR Government could ensure that all public housing in the city is properly utilised.
In response, Arnaldo Ernesto dos Santos, president of the Housing Bureau, said that the Bureau had inspected 2,700 public housing units this year, of which three were found to be used for other purposes, with punishment to be meted out accordingly.
Another 40 units were found to have absent residents and they are now in the hearings process.

Sand supply
The sand supply for the city’s reclamation area of Zone A is subject to Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge demand. Due to this ongoing problem, a hold has been put on the supply of sand.
“This issue of sand supply, however, is under the control of the Central Government,” Mr. Rosário explained.
Sand supply for Zone A will resume this Friday, Mr. Rosário revealed.
“A lot of problems happening on the project were beyond my control,” Mr. Rosário added.
“Government projects with over-expenditure of 5 per cent to 15 per cent are not a big problem here. However, the overtime on the unfinished projects are even bigger problems,” Mr. Rosário stressed.