Public housing in progress

Contracts for housing and development projects costing MOP2.29 bln announced yesterday

The local government has announced contracts for public housing and development projects totaling MOP2.29 billion, according to recent dispatches in the Official Gazette yesterday.
The largest contract relates to a February announcement for Phase 2 of the Mong Ha Social Housing project and the reconstruction of the Mong Ha Sports Pavilion, shortening the period of the project’s budget by one year, to terminate in 2021, and increasing the yearly amounts to be paid out. The total contract is worth MOP1.78 billion.
Another dispatch in yesterday’s Official Gazette revealed the recommencement of the Toi San Central Street Public Housing construction project, after a re-evaluation was made regarding the nearby environment in 2015.
The contract was granted to China State Construction International Holdings Limited, for a total cost of MOP503 million, to be divided into five instalments from 2017 to 2021.
The project will focus on social flats for the elderly, public facilities and public car parks, with the provision of 510 flats and buildings with 34 floors.
The MSAR Government has also granted a contract to Aecom Macau Company Limited for the implementation study of the Wai Long Public Housing construction project, with the contract costing some MOP15.9 million, according to a dispatch.
The amount will be paid out in two instalments spanning 2017 and 2018.
The proposed Wai Long project is set to create 8,000 public housing units, with a height cap of 155 metres on the site. Currently, the government is conducting an environmental assessment for the site to evaluate noise pollution, air quality, traffic flow and other factors.
According to the tender document, the contract has a deadline of 290 days.