Hato delay

Damages caused by Typhoon Hato delay the delivery of economic housing units at Ilha Verde for half a year

The delivery to residents of the economic housing units at the Edifício do Bairro da Ilha Verde project will be delayed for at least six months due to damages caused by Typhoon Hato, according to a release by the Infrastructure Development Office (GDI).
According to the GDI, flooding caused by the typhoon caused damage to the majority of the electro mechanical equipment in the project parking lot, which was under inspection at the time.
The public housing development has 35 floors and five underground levels, offering a total of 2,356 housing units.
‘The building does not meet the criteria of inspection and reception, and there is a need for replacement or recovery of equipment. As a result, the timing of the inspection and reception procedure and delivery will be affected,’ the department informed.
In a preliminary assessment the GDI believes ordering the necessary equipment will require half a year.