Asking for a piece of the pie

Under the Greater Bay Area initiative, creating a ‘Village of Hong Kong’ in Zhuhai would attract Hong Kong residents to reside in mainland China, suggests Starry Lee, the Chairman of Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB).
Reported by Sing Tao Daily, Lee said constructing public housing on a piece of Zhuhai land would encourage young people to settle in Zhuhai, given that the supply of housing in Hong Kong hardly meets the demand.
The move would also provide support to the development of the Greater Bay Area.
Lee noted that the launch of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge would create a ‘one-hour living circle’ which might improve the livelihood of residents from both cities.
In relation to the housing prices of the suggested plan, Lee perceived that the price could be even cheaper than the public housing’s 30 per cent reduction on market price in Hong Kong.
Nevertheless, the suggestions made need to be approved by the central government as well as the Chinese city’s government, stressed Lee.
Previously, DAB had offered 55 suggestions on the Great Bay Area development, including providing Chinese identification document to Hong Kong residents and rearranging the taxation system for Hong Kongers who are working on the Mainland.
‘Everything should be started by improving convenience,’ said Lee as quoted by the publication. ‘If there are too many inconveniences for Hong Kong residents in going back to China, their intention to stay in China will be low.’