Wong Sio Chak: Budget won’t change for now

Next year’s budget for the Secretariat for Security will not be increased although facilities and infrastructure suffered various levels of damage during the passage of Typhoon Hato, Secretary for Security Wong Sio Chak said.
Speaking to the press after the the ceremony for a new judicial year, Wong revealed that the Macao Customs Service, in particular, suffered severe damage while claiming that emergent recovering works are currently ongoing.
“We will consider reviewing readjusting the setup of facilities, like placing equipment in higher positions,” said the Secretary.
Meanwhile, he said concrete plans to prevent terrorism had yet to be finalised, while saying that relative plans can only be made supported by law.
When asked whether the government would provide more advanced security support to gaming operators to prevent terrorism, the Secretary reaffirmed that arrangements can only be made with legal support.
“The law has indicated what [weapons] can be used and who can use [them] [...] If changing these [arrangements] it will then require the revision of the law,” concluded Wong.