Two inappropriate campaigning cases received charges

The city’s Public Security Police Force (PSP) is going forward with charges of violating the law relating to two cases of inappropriate campaigning.
Police found a member of the seventh candidate group attempting to put up a promotional flag on a fence in the Fai Chi Kei district. The police further investigated with Chan Wai Chi, the second candidate of group seven and Chan claimed responsibility. However, Chan later told reporters that the contents from the release posted by PSP contrasts the information that he gave, local Chinese broadcaster TDM reported. He claimed that he would take the responsibility for his group’s behaviour but stressed that he was not informed by anyone, including the police officer that the ‘member was following orders made by a candidate’.
Chan submitted a request to the Electoral Commission to specify the regulations for campaigning. After that, a plainclothes officer showed Chan the records made earlier.
Chan said changes of the records would be made and he would sign for confirmation.
Meanwhile, PSP stated that the case has been forwarded to the judicial institution for further investigation, indicating that they had yet to receive any request to amend the record in question.