Sulu Sou to focus on young people development

Newly elected legislator, Sulu Sou Ka Hou, will put more attention on housing and development opportunities for the city’s younger population.
Speaking on the TDM Radio programme Macao Forum, Sou pledged to work on creating more development opportunities for young people such as introducing a professional certification system.
On the other hand, Sou suggested opening standing committees meetings at the Legislative Assembly (AL), to keep track of potentially problematic bills, such as the Pension Scheme for retired High Official, Land Law and Rental Law.
The 26-year-old legislator also claimed he will make use of his rights as a legislator, such as suggesting motion and debate at the AL.
He suggested that a follow-up group should be created by AL to examine issues which happened during the hit of Typhoon Hato.
Meanwhile, with many opinions commentating that Sou acted as an extremist, the young legislator proclaimed that he would argue rationally, while noting that the city’s political environment is comparatively conservative.
As one of the major representatives of the New Macau Association, Sou expressed the hope that the Association could re-open conversation with the MSAR government.
“Since 2014, the government is kind of refusing to talk to the New Macau Association, but this time, via entering the AL, we hope to reopen talks with the government,” said Sou.
On May 25, 2014, some 20,000 Macau citizens took to the streets to demand the AL and the MSAR government scrap the Pension Scheme for retired High Officials.