Resolving their big issue by running for election

The Pearl Horizon Buyers Rights Defence Union say they will withdraw from the election if the Pearl Horizon case is resolved

Claiming to be straightforward in having only one purpose, Kou Meng Pok, the first candidate of the group and also the Chairman of the Pearl Horizon Condominium Owners United Association, said they simply want to resolve the Pearl Horizon case, which has remained unsettled for two years.
The group wishes to enter the Legislative Assembly (AL) in order to urge the government to allow the project to proceed as originally planned.
“The Pearl Horizon Case is currently a big incident and an issue in the city,” said Kou. ”[The case] has caused a direct and indirect impact upon tens of thousands of people.”
Stating that the power of the case is akin to the force of Typhoon Hato, the group perceives that it is necessary to resolve this “hidden danger” in society in order to avoid a repetition of the case.
Pearl Horizon, located on lot-P of the Areia Preta zone on the Macau Peninsula, is designed to house 18 towers supporting 5,000-plus residential units. The MSAR Government announced that the developer’s land grant for the plot was invalid in January 2016, following the developer’s failure to complete the project before its land use term expired in December 2015.
Meanwhile, Kou said they would strive to improve residents’ happiness if they succeed in getting into the AL and resolving the issue.
“Happiness would include food, clothing, transportation and housing,” said Kou. “But it also includes business environment, the government’s administrative efficiency as well as the fairness of distribution of resources.”
Another candidate of the group, Lee Hon Tak, said the case could directly affect the banking sector as well as Macao Monetary Authority (AMCM) if buyers could no longer support the ongoing instalments.
As many suffered from mental problems because of the ongoing mortgage, Kou opined that banks could soothe the pressure by collecting the interest on the mortgage instead of the whole monthly mortgage amount.
Kou proclaimed that the group would quit the election if the problem is resolved before the election is concluded.