CAEL: backup plan prepared for harsh weather

The head of the Electoral Affairs Commission (CAEL), Tong Hio Fong, claimed yesterday that a backup plan has been prepared for any unexpected situations that might happen on the day of the election for the Legislative Assembly, set to take place this Sunday.
The Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) reported that another super typhoon named Talim was in the process of forming and would pass Taiwan by Wednesday.
The storm in question is perceived to be stronger than Typhoon Hato.
After inspections of the polling station at Macau Forum yesterday, Fong spoke with the press and advised voters to vote properly.
Fong reiterated that campaigning is forbidden on September 16 and 17 while the election itself takes place.
Voters are required to show their BIR when attending their corresponding polling stations, however Fong noted that voters could have their identification confirmed on election day at the Identification Bureau if they happen to lose or damage their identification document.
When voting in the polling booths, the CAEL head said voters are requested to cast their ballot by placing a stamp within one box of the chosen candidate group, meaning that more than one stamp mark or vote cast would be considered as an invalid vote.
Fong also reminded voters to not use any electronic recording devices during voting, namely mobile phones, cameras and recorders.
Voters are also advised not to reveal their voting decision or to ask others about their vote choice.
The polling station at Macau Forum will be open to the public until September 15 to allow voters to learn the correct way to cast their votes.
Meanwhile, when asked about the recent cases of candidates campaigning in schools, Fong replied that apart from certain particular entities or departments that are subject to neutrality, other private entities are not on the list of regulated entities. Nevertheless, Fong advised that schools should promote a fair and equal electoral atmosphere and place more attention on civic education.