Pricier fares

As of September 7, more than 800 taxis had had their taximeters updated to reflect the new increased tariff system, the Transport Bureau (DSAT) announced.
The new tariff system was imposed on July 23, with the fare for the first 1,600 metres increasing from MOP17 to MOP19 (US$2.1), with an additional MOP2 now charged for every 240 metres, instead of the previous 260 metres.
Tariffs for waiting periods remained unchanged, with the exception of the taxi pick-up points at the Taipa Ferry Terminal or at the University of Macau (UM), where an additional MOP5 fee will be allowed.
Taxis who haven’t yet updated their taximeters should have a tariff table visible for passengers to see, with DSAT stating that in cases where taxis don’t have either an updated taximeter or the tariff table, the old tariff system should be used.
According to DSAT, currently six taxis are lacking the tariff table, but of the 200 complaints for excessive charging received between August 23 and 31 - the period after Typhoon Hato - none were related to the absence of the table in the taxis involved in the incidents.