Paying for repairs

Residents wanting to apply for Macao Foundation subsidy for repairs in residences damaged by Typhoon Hato should make applications until September 30

As of yesterday the Macao Foundation has received more than 9,000 requests for its residence repairs subsidy with applications for the support having to be submitted until September 30 in order to be accepted, the organisation informed yesterday.
According to the foundation nine associations from the commercial, architecture and developing sectors were invited to create technical and professional assessment teams, so as to speed up the approval process.
The subsidy amounts can go up to MOP30,000 (US$3,728) with the Macao Foundation stating they will start being provided after September 30.
The subsidy recipients should also collect the restoration works receipts and submit them to the foundation before December 30, with the documents including the client’s name, work address, and the content of the restoration work, such as the quantity, material and purpose of the works.
The Foundation also recommended residents hire the service of local companies and warned that any case of false declaration of public funds use could incur legal consequences.
The Macao Foundation announced it would disburse MOP1.35 billion from the public coffers to support residents impacted by Typhoon Hato.